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February 2008 Blog Posts

SharePoint Conference

I'll be Seattle next week for the second US SharePoint Conference. This year it's a lot bigger (hence the move to Seattle) and will be a lot of fun. I'm sure there'll also be plenty of evening "entertainment" including the SharePint by Night event. Mine's a Guinness. I'm also on the hunt for a decent Indian restaurant somewhere downtown-ish, if you have any recommendations let me know (but it has to be decent, you dig?).

London SUGUK meeting: Kerberos and what not

Many thanks to all those who attended the SUGUK meeting in London on Wednesday evening. Another excellent SUGUK event thanks to the great work by Nick Swan and Steve Smith. It's fantastic to see a consistently high turn out and this is a great sign that SharePoint continues on it's rightful path to world domination. Ben Robb's talk on managing deployment was superb and must see material for those working on medium and large scale development projects. My talk wasn't as good - but it was on a boring infrastructure topic - so I have an excuse (kind of!). Apologies for overrunning...