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Digital Media Home Saga Part Two: Media Center

After a considerable amount of experimentation, I decided on the basic setup for my digital media requirements. In a nutshell this is a Windows Home Server, and a Windows 7 Media Center. This post will focus on the Media Center, which I will call MCE to save me some typing. The software is the real discussion here. I’ve used all iterations of MCE, and to be perfectly frank, the previous incarnations just weren’t up to scratch. Too many loose ends and issues with codecs and TV tuners and the UI. The good news is that with Windows 7, the...

Digital Media Home Saga Part One: Requirements

As some of you will know I’ve been over time working on a setup in the house for digital media. Recently a surprising amount of people have asked me to blog about it and my experiences. So here goes with part one of a mini series of off topic posts about it. Whilst I am a computer geek, I don’t like mess and I certainly don’t like servers in my home. Nasty computers in the living room is also a big no-no. As many of you know I am also *seriously* into music. Over the past six years I’ve...