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Adding the Office 365 “stubs” to your VS Code profile

Print | posted on Tuesday, December 17, 2019 6:14 PM

Quite some time ago I posted about the SharePoint “stubs” – a PowerShell module that allows for remote authoring with intellisense within your favourite PowerShell editor (i.e. VS Code!) on a machine that does not have the SharePoint bits installed. This was put together by the SharePointDSC folks ostensibly to help them with unit testing, but it’s much wider use was around being able to create scripts properly and easily on a remote machine.

Well, now the OfficeDSC project has done the same thing creating a gargantuan “stub” for the cmdlets available in the following services and frameworks:

  • AzureAD
  • MSOnline
  • ExchangeOnline
  • SharePointOnline
  • PnP
  • Teams
  • SkypeForBusiness
  • SecurityAndCompliance
  • PowerApps

This is seriously awesome!

Head on over to github and download the module from https://github.com/microsoft/Office365DSC/blob/Dev/Tests/Unit/Stubs/Office365.psm1. Then of course, you simply Import-Module on that sucker and you are golden for some nice and simple remote authoring without any need for bits and bobs and toolchains and disaster on a nice clean dev machine! Yay!  Of course you can add this to your profile by editing the file located at $profile.

If you are curious, they also published the utility that is used to create the stubs. This is somewhat important, as unlike SharePoint which will change once every three years (if we are lucky) Office 365 updates and additions will be much more frequent.

These peeps rock! And this is a must have. Check it out!