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December 2006 Blog Posts

Building tylerbutler.com, Part 5: Final Touches

Tyler has posted the penultimate post of his series on moving his site to MOSS.  Source: Building tylerbutler.com, Part 5: Final Touches Originally published on Mon, 18 Dec 2006 19:49:00 GMT by ecmblog

FEKG Anniversary

So it's twelve years since www.harbar.net first went online. Back in the day I was pretty handy with transitions, single pixel GIFs and generally making web pages look pretty (not common then). It's funny how some things come full circle - for example browser compatability was a big issue in the early days of competing vendor HTML tag feature-itus. To celebrate this purely insignificant 'career' milestone, I've spruced up the site a bit. It could easily be surmised that my web page making talent has slowly but surely dwindled over the years seeing as this revision is a knock off of a...

Operational Service

Anyone responsible for operating mid to large scale hosting environments based upon the Microsoft platform absolutely must check out this entry over on the MS.com Ops blog: Tell me how I’m measured…and I’ll behave accordingly "Without clear measures individual groups and/or individuals will decide for themselves what measures they use for making decisions as well as to gauge their success…leading to a disjointed organization and misaligned customer relationships. For example, your Operations group may measure an application’s availability on a 24/7 clock while the customer owning the application really only cares about the application’s availability during discrete time windows throughout the day....

Global & Multi Farm SharePoint Deployments

Joel Oleson has a great entry on Global & Multi Farm deployments of SharePoint. He explains in simple terms the issues and in particular the details on SSPs over the WAN (a BIG customer issue) are essential to anyone looking at enterprise deployment planning of the 2007 products. http://blogs.msdn.com/joelo/archive/2006/12/13/global-multi-farm-deployments.aspx