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Office 365

Adding the Office 365 “stubs” to your VS Code profile

Quite some time ago I posted about the SharePoint “stubs” – a PowerShell module that allows for remote authoring with intellisense within your favourite PowerShell editor (i.e. VS Code!) on a machine that does not have the SharePoint bits installed. This was put together by the SharePointDSC folks ostensibly to help them with unit testing, but it’s much wider use was around being able to create scripts properly and easily on a remote machine. Well, now the OfficeDSC project has done the same thing creating a gargantuan “stub” for the cmdlets available in the following services and frameworks: ...

Welcome to our family!

The building block of every community is a family. Welcome to our family. See you in Mainz! Your browser does not support the video tag.

Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 Service Pack 1 is now available!

Today, Microsoft released Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 (MIM). This is an extremely important release for SharePoint practitioners who are looking to leverage MIM for User Profile Synchronization with SharePoint Server 2016. This Service Pack provides a significantly streamlined deployment process – no more hotfix rollups (well, for the time being :)). This is important for those leveraging simply the Synchronization Service, but also for those working with declarative provisioning using the MIM Portal and Service – SharePoint Server 2016 support is also included, as is support for SQL Server 2016. Service Pack 1 can...

Insight to what’s going on, information keeps us strong

…what you don’t know can hurt you bad, take it from me you’ll be walkin’ around sad. Great tune, but Terry Lewis’ bass can’t help you or your customers when Office 365 hits the skids. Most of you will now be familiar with the common valid arguments against “cloud” services such as Office 365, particularly those from the enterprise. However one of the common invalid arguments is around service availability and reliability. I can’t count the number of times I have had this conversation with customers over the last two years or so. In almost all cases it’s a...