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European Collaboration Summit follow up: Tutorial Scripts and Identity Manager Demos

Print | posted on Tuesday, June 26, 2018 10:28 PM

13886357_1081186301972836_5470626544742346563_nMany thanks to everyone who attended the European Collaboration Summit in Mainz, Germany, last month. It’s safe to say that the event overall was a runaway success and yes, we have already started planning for the 2019 edition!

At the event, I promised to publish some additional resources. These are a little later than I had hoped but with a new job and a variety of “more important” things on a rather large to-do list, the delay was inevitable. At any rate, this post serves as a landing page for these resources.

Tutorial Attendees: SharePoint 2016 Automation Toolkit

For those who attended the Infrastructure PowerClass hosted by Thomas Vochten and I, the scripts we showed and discussed for building out the On Premises portions of the Hybrid Labs are over here on GitHub. This toolkit has been used to build thousands of customer farms and has also been used at other pre/post conference events such as Microsoft Ignite. More details and so on can be found in the readme. I am not offering support for this toolkit. I will answer questions on it if they are easy to deal with quickly. But I will not be engaging in any debates about their worth, nor any religious arguments about DSC! :)

2018-06-26_20-58-01The 2013 version will be published over the next couple of weeks.

Don’t worry about GitHub if you are not familiar with it.
Within the page, there is the ability to download the files as a ZIP file – without having to do the whole “install some tools, clone, open” dance that the developers love so much! :)


Identity Manager & SharePoint Server Demos

During my session on User Profiles there wasn’t enough time to complete the demonstrations. As promised I’ve put together a 90 minute video of the complete demos, with some additional explanations and remarks.  This is hosted over on YouTube. Apologies in advanced for the slightly annoying sound quality. I had, erm, a slight ‘accident’ with my mic stand earlier today that will mean a trip to the music store in the near future – drat! :)


Identity Manager & SharePoint Server Scripts

All of the scripts used within the above demos, and indeed at other conferences, are also available over here on GitHub.

I hope some of you find these resources useful and once again, thanks for helping make #CollabSummit 2018 the single best community technology event on the planet!



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