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October 2008 Blog Posts

Best Practices for Enterprise User Scalability in SharePoint

Joel has just posted a killer entry on his blog: Best Practices for Enterprise User Scalability in SharePoint Best Practices for Overcoming the 64K ACL, Security Principal Limits, and Future of Identity Management If you are a SharePoint "Architect", or at least belive you are :) you must read this material. Don't believe the hype or waffle about ACL limits, DIP sizes or any other rambling of the sort - head over right now to Joel's blog and get the real skinny.

Windows 7 on MacBook Pro

During the PDC a number of folk asked me about running Windows 7 on the Mac - using BootCamp as per my Triple Boot MacBook Pro article series. I was always planning on giving it a shot as soon as I got "the goods". Whilst it might seem really obvious, the real question is: do the bootcamp drivers for all the stuff (right click for example :)) work on Windows 7? I can confirm that indeed they do - or at least appear to - I've done this on my 17" MBP which is the generation before the recent latest rev, using...

Simple example of why Microsoft.Web.Administration rocks

I've had a bunch of requests to start talking more about IIS7 development and whilst I've covered some examples of this previously in my SharePoint and Windows 2008 presentations I thought I'd start by providing a very simple example from APM. This is also to answer (bizarrely) the same question from two readers of this blog. This example shows how to retrieve a list of Application Pools on the box. You'd think this would be straightforward and efficient right? and easy to do in managed code without any nastiness? right? :) wrong. On IIS6 this is what you need...

Application Pool Manager v2 (finally)

Yesterday during the opening PDC keynote I did the final release build of APM v2 and posted it for download. Unfortunately due to a combination of sucky wireless and power "issues" I have only now got around to posting an announcement here. Since the initial release of APM it's grown many arms and legs and it has been amazingly popular. By version 1.2 the code had become pretty disgusting and hard to maintain (even for something which does very little). Therefore this release is a complete from the ground re-write. It's actually been ready for quite a while but I was...

SharePoint by Day, SharePint by Night - PDC2008 Edition

Blimey, it's almost time for another PDC. This will be my fourth PDC event and I'm looking forward to it. This year it's again in LA, and this year it hasn't been cancelled :) There's not much SharePoint at the event. And that's OK - indeed it's one of the reasons I'm going :) There is however some interesting introductory material - check out the details over on Paul Andrew's blog of the SharePoint related sessions. A small group of SharePoint MVPs will be in town along with some blue badge types and we are doing another SharePoint by Day, SharePoint...

Prescriptive Guidance for SharePoint Server 2007 Web Content Management Sites

I'm often asked for "best practices" for developing Web Content Management (aka Publishing) sites with MOSS 2007. "Best Practices" is dodgy ground, as the best practice for one given project could very possibly be the worst practice for another. Prescriptive guidance on the other hand is much more useful, MSDN has just published an excellent article in this space authored by my buddy Andrew Connell: Publishing sites adhere to most, if not all, of the prescriptive guidance and generally accepted best practices for SharePoint sites. However, because of the noncollaborative nature of publishing sites and their...

Estimate performance and capacity requirements for InfoPath Forms Services environments (Office SharePoint Server)

For along time there's been a significant gap in the perf and cap planning guides around the InfoPath Forms Services features of MOSS. I'm very pleased to see this gap now filled with the below recent publication. Essential for those architect-ing MOSS Enterprise deployments: This performance and capacity planning scenario incorporates a single Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 farm that is running InfoPath Forms Services Estimate performance and capacity requirements for InfoPath Forms Services environments (Office SharePoint Server)

SharePoint 2007 Post SP1 Hotfixes

I finally got around to updating my list of post SP1 fixes, which is now fully up to date. Well until they make some more that is! SharePoint 2007 Post SP1 Hotfixes