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November 2006 Blog Posts

SharePoint workflows in Visual Studio

Eilene Hao has posted an excellent series of articles over on the SharePoint Team Blog on building SharePoint workflows with Visual Studio. "So You Want to Develop Custom Workflows in Visual Studio..." - The Blog Series Developing Workflows in VS: Part 1 - Workflow Objects and A Crash Course on Mechanics Developing Workflows in VS: Part 2 - Planning Your Workflow: Two Things to Keep in Mind Developing Workflows in VS: Part 3 - Five Steps for Developing Your Workflow Developing Workflows...

More thoughts on Windows Vista

Some more ramblings on my experiences with Windows Vista, primarily based on my "first love", usability... Personal Files The organisation model for a user's files is much more obvious and clean. Given the reliability improvements and built in decent backup software one could easily consider running from a single partition - especially on laptops. In addition the flexibility of 'Links' - basically a shortcut but now in a way its truly useful - a nod to Apple this. Windowing Using Windows is again workable without getting too frustrating. In XP it was basically maximised everything except on the monster monitor. Vista makes things more...

A Frank's Exchange of Views

Hey, I just stumbled on Frank's blog. Nice one!

What you need to know about enterprise deployment of SharePoint 2007

  Planning for Capacity Boundaries, Estimating Performance & Capacity Requirements, Additional Factors, and Tools  WSS: http://technet2.microsoft.com/WindowsServer/en/library/0e13e879-0156-4e9f-b6d5-abddcf326d211033.mspx?mfr=true MOSS: http://technet2.microsoft.com/Office/en-us/library/eb2493e8-e498-462a-ab5d-1b779529dc471033.mspx?mfr=true

How to configure Email Enabled Lists in MOSS 2007 RTM using Exchange 2003

Steve Smith has published a RTM update to his excellent white paper.

Windows Vista

At last Windows Vista is here! I don't know how many pre-release builds of this I've run, but I do know it's been alot. I've wanted the overall Vista experience for about a year - when it started fullfilling it's promise - and it's been a painful wait. This isn't a critisism of the "delay" muted often elsewhere, just frustration with not being able to take advantage of all the cool new stuff. So I slapped the upgrade on my brand new VAIO Ultra Portable, which had a default Sony install of XP and 1Gb RAM. Before installing I removed the tons of...

It's done!


CMSWatch just don't get it.

So Tony and Janus over at cmswatch are hawking thier "report" on the upcoming Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, and once again bizarrely miss the point and are engaging in buzzword rubbish: "Microsoft has tried to go 'enterprise' in the impressive breadth of MOSS capabilities, but not necessarily in their depth and scalability" Yeah right - so MOSS doesn't have depth and can't scale - Oh well - perhaps these folks should maybe actually take the time to educate themselves on the product and hey even push the boat out - install it - to find out the truth.

Web 2.0

I've been making dodgy web apps for other people for twelve years, so all this Web v2 thing is very entertaining... I can't resist highlighting some recent views, which whilst expressed differently are basically the same argument. First up is Kev, who tells it like it is: "some wanky 'New Media' types rotated on a colour wheel and decided to round off the corners of tables" His views embellish Zeldman (another old timer :)) stating the simple truth. I mean let's face it, if "Web 1.0" was badly implemented frames, flash files, single pixel gifs, marquee tags and cheesy midi...