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October 2006 Blog Posts

Copyright Extentsion

The Reg suggests there may be a "credible opposition" to copyright extension, and seems a little miffed that it wasn't heard at In The City in Manchester this week. Oh dear, perhaps they should get with the program - there is no opposition to what is the entirely appropriate extension - and certainly not a "credible" one. I thought these "independent", "new media" types were supposed to be for artist rights - more likely they are in the pockets of media conglomorates and advertisers after all.

Building tylerbutler.com, Part 1: Planning and Basic Branding

Tyler, a PM on the WCM team starts his excellent series on building his web site with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007's Web Content Management features. This excellent series follows his adventures porting his personal site onto MOSS. http://blogs.msdn.com/ecm/archive/2006/10/30/building-tylerbutler-com-part-1-planning-and-basic-branding.aspx  

The Collectors by David Baldacci

The Collectors by David Baldacci was a pretty good page turner, featuring the same characters from The Camel Club plus a few new ones. Less lefty whining and more action this time around. Very good entertainment.

Subtext, finally!

I finally managed to move my blog to Subtext, which I have had running for a while on a private machine. It's kinda sparse at present but hopefully things will get much better. Apart from wanting a real blog engine, with support for the appropriate functionality, I wanted something that was easy to make look half decent (I believe 'skin' is the new term for it) and worked well with Windows Live Writer (which is awesome). AC pointed me to Subtext and I put together a skin, which turned out to be a trivial exercise as my previous site was mainly...