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SharePoint 2019

SharePoint 2019

European Collaboration Summit follow up: Tutorial Scripts and Identity Manager Demos

Many thanks to everyone who attended the European Collaboration Summit in Mainz, Germany, last month. It’s safe to say that the event overall was a runaway success and yes, we have already started planning for the 2019 edition! At the event, I promised to publish some additional resources. These are a little later than I had hoped but with a new job and a variety of “more important” things on a rather large to-do list, the delay was inevitable. At any rate, this post serves as a landing page for these resources....

RPC Server Unavailable when creating a SharePoint Farm… the curse of dodgy legacy NetDOM!

Every so often a real blast from the past comes back to haunt me. Usually it’s some obscure “infrastructure” gubbins – you know, the sort of thing that 80% of so called IT Pros knew in 1999. These days thou. Not so much. With SharePoint in particular there is a whole boat load of legacy. Not that legacy is bad. Lot’s of it is awesome. That’s why the product remains so successful. On the other hand some of it is real, real, real nasty!  :) It always seems to come in waves. Over the last two weeks...