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August 2008 Blog Posts

SharePoint Administration Toolkit 2.0 is Now Available!

I've done a bunch of geo-dispersed SharePoint deployments recently, and most of them make use of the Global My Sites capability. This works very well, basically by redirecting users to the correct Web Application based on Audiences. Sure there are some limitations within the My Sites, but none that make the geo-distribution of them a poor compromise.  However the problem with any solution in this space is the need to manage multiple Farms, and more importantly multiple SSPs. For the My Sites scenario you need a profile import at each SSP, or make use of a "hard to get" tool....

FREE SharePoint Reporting - CardioLog Lite

FINALLY, a decent solution for SharePoint Reporting - for free! Check it out: FREE SharePoint Reporting - CardioLog Lite The visitor segmentation and light javascript implementation are perfect for small to medium size environments, looking to improve the OOTB reporting. Intlock also provide a bunch of other report bundles and paid for versions for more demanding situations. I definitely encourage you to evaluate this edition, which you can download and install on your test machines quickly and painlessly.

Beginners Guide to Test Driven Web Part Development

My buddy and fellow SharePoint Junkie/MVP, Andrew Woodward, has put together a nice white paper which walks you through the steps necessary to get started with Test Driven SharePoint Development. This is a really good 101 for those who don't know what TDD is all about, or for those that do but are struggling with using it within SharePoint development projects. This paper is the first in a series that he is putting together, so keep an eye on his blog or better yet, subscribe. Beginners Guide to Test Driven Web Part Development

International SharePoint Professionals Association (“ISPA”)

I'm pleased to announce I have joined the board of the International SharePoint Professionals Association (“ISPA”). ISPA is a professional association dedicated to the promotion and global adoption of Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies.  The Association provides support and guidance to the community  by establishing connections between SharePoint professionals and groups, resources, education and information. I'm very excited to be working with a great team to drive this much needed community initiative, we have lots of great things planned for the near future. We recently put out a FAQ page that we hope answers some of the...