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July 2012 Blog Posts

Enabling Office Web Apps Preview editing with SharePoint 2013 Preview Licensing

As you maybe aware there are a veritable ton of cool new capabilities in the latest release of Office Web Apps Preview. It really is a killer piece of tech. This post walks you through how to configure Office Web Apps editing in your SharePoint farm, which is not as “automatic” as you may imagine. We’ll also take a look at an interesting new capability in SharePoint 2013 Preview for license enforcement. Please note that this article applies to the Office Web Apps Server and SharePoint 2013 Preview release. Things are likely to change between now and the final...

Article: Multi Tenancy with SharePoint 2013: What’s new and changed

SharePoint 2013 Preview introduces a number of new elements and considerations for multi tenancy deployments. This article is intended as a companion to my Rational Guide to Multi Tenancy with SharePoint 2010 article series and will cover what’s new and changed in this release with respect to configuration and functionality. It is assumed you are familiar with the material in the article series. This article is verified against SharePoint 2013 RTM. Multi Tenancy with SharePoint 2013: What’s new and changed     s.

A quick note on User Profile Synchronization in SharePoint Server 2013 Preview

I will be posting an update to my UPS guide for SharePoint Server 2013 Preview in the near future. I had long planned to update it with better writing and more up to date details anyway. However as I’ve already received a bucket load of questions on this already I wanted to post a quick note to hopefully stem the flow a little bit. When I say UPS, I mean the User Profile Synchronization service instance. The wrapper for FIM along with it’s configuration UI in Central Administration (which is part of the UPA). This is distinct from the...

First Look: SharePoint Server 2013 Active Directory Import

SharePoint Server 2013’s User Profile Service Application includes a “new” method for performing an import of user attributes from Active Directory into the SharePoint Profile store called Active Directory Import. You may also hear or see this referred to as “AD Direct Mode” in pre-release materials. This method provides numerous advantages over the Forefront Identity Manager based approach (which is still available, more on that at a later date) for certain common scenarios. This article provides an introductory overview of the feature and why it might be useful in your deployments. Please note that this article applies to...