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June 2008 Blog Posts

Apple Keyboard Layout for Virtual Machines

One of the freakiest things about running on an excellent MacBook Pro is the keyboard layout. Keys in the wrong place and a few missing ones like #, PrtScr and AltGr. Once you get used to it it's all good however. There's combinations and so forth to get at things you need. The trouble is just as you've gotten used to it, you fire up those development virtual machines and they don't know squat about the Apple keyboard. This is because the custom Input mapping installed as part of the Boot Camp package isn't installed on the VM. Arse! ...

Installing applications on Windows Server 2008 or Vista x64

You know the score - you've a couple of indispensable applications which refuse to install on your operating system of choice because the idjut vendor decided it would be a good idea to bake into the installer some sort of version check. This is usually when you're trying to use a 64 bit operating system or wish to install something on a server OS. I have a couple examples - Sony's Ereader is a must have for me, but the installer doesn't like 64 bit. Others include Live Messenger and LifeCam which refuse to install on Windows Server. It...

SUGUK Edinburgh: Slide Deck

Thanks to all who attended the Edinburgh SUGUK meeting last week for a great event. A big shout out to Steven Hynds and crew for facilitating the venue. The slide deck for my talk can be found here. Hope to see you again soon (probably towards the back of August) for more SUGUK events north of the border!

Reminder: SUGUK Edinburgh Meeting on Thursday

Just a quick reminder, if you are planning on attending the SUGUK Meeting at the Parliament building in Edinburgh this Thursday, please sign up over at the SUGUK Forms.

Enabling Bluetooth on MacBook Pro and Windows Server 2008 x64

As you may have noticed, I've been getting a bit carried away with my shiny MacBook Pro of late. I have this bad boy set up to triple boot Mac OS, Vista x64 and Windows Server 2008 x64. The idea here is to have a small Win2k8 partition running MOSS for demos/presentations (and the odd bit of coding) running on the metal rather than in a VM. The latest Boot Camp drivers enable this goodness, they all work flawlessly. All that is, apart from the Bluetooth stack. This is a problem because I use the excellent Microsoft Wireless Notebook...

Web Content Management Resource Center for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

Check it: This page provides resources for IT pros to help you plan and implement a Web Content Management (WCM) solution using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. Web Content Management Resource Center for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007