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There were giants in those days, there are giants these days.

Print | posted on Monday, October 22, 2018 2:18 PM

Patrick was my friend.

He was more a personal friend than a professional acquaintance, not to say he didn’t influence me professionally. There is no one in the SharePoint-verse who does not owe a debt of gratitude to Patrick. These days, now the community has grown so large around the world, and in some ways has become overly narcissistic it’s easy to overlook how it all begun, with the selfless and kind contributions of a small band of people. Patrick “Profke” Tisseghem was foremost among them. He was also a first rate engineer and teacher – a rare breed indeed. Most importantly, he was wickedly funny and always kind.

Ten years since he passed way too soon, the folks at the Belgian Information Worker User Group, of which he was a founding father, and some of his friends put together a touching tribute at the SharePoint Saturday Belgium event in Brussels. With their permission, you can check it out. Apologies in advance for the amateur camerawork.

Thank you, Patrick.