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Adding the Office 365 “stubs” to your VS Code profile

Quite some time ago I posted about the SharePoint “stubs” – a PowerShell module that allows for remote authoring with intellisense within your favourite PowerShell editor (i.e. VS Code!) on a machine that does not have the SharePoint bits installed. This was put together by the SharePointDSC folks ostensibly to help them with unit testing, but it’s much wider use was around being able to create scripts properly and easily on a remote machine. Well, now the OfficeDSC project has done the same thing creating a gargantuan “stub” for the cmdlets available in the following services and frameworks: ...

Adding the SharePoint “stubs” to your VS Code PowerShell profile

[update] if you use OneDrive to store your Documents – the default on a new install of Windows 10 - you must ensure the WindowsPowerShell folder exists and is set to be “always on this device”. Ahh, SharePoint. Ahh, SnapIns. Yeah. 2009 faxed and before the ink faded, told us the old crap is hanging around like a bad hangover. I hate SnapIns more than most, but that’s a story for another day. For the time being we are stuck with them when working with our “built from the cloud up” versions of SharePoint Server. One of...