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October 2010 Blog Posts

Announcing SharePoint Easy Setup for Developers

Chris Johnson has put together some natty tooling to help aspiring SharePoint developers get up and running with SharePoint 2010 on Windows 7. Even better, the full source is provided in case you may wish to tweak it some to suit specific needs. Go check it out! Announcing SharePoint Easy Setup for Developers .

Avoiding the Default Schema issue when creating the User Profile Service Application using Windows PowerShell

As you may already be aware there is a bug when creating the User Profile Service Application (UPA) using Windows PowerShell. This bug prevents the provisioning of the User Profile Synchronization service instance (UPS). In a nutshell, when using Windows PowerShell to create a UPA the Default Schema of the Farm Account on the Sync DB is set incorrectly, and this will lead to an error during provisioning of the UPS later. The following error will be logged to the Application Event Log: “IF EXISTS (SELECT * FROM sys.xml_schema_collections c, sys.schemas s WHERE c.schema_id =...

ULSViewer – the tool that NO SharePoint practitioner should be without

I am frequently surprised (I know, I shouldn’t be really) just how few SharePoint people know about ULSViewer. Often times someone will be complaining about an error they are experiencing, the conversation goes something like this: SPDude, “Hey man, I’ve got a problem with my SharePoint” Me, “Don’t we all buddy,  it’s installed isn’t it… but what’s your problem exactly?” SPDude, “Well when I click on the widget and attempt to configure the coolness, I get ‘an unexpected error has a occurred’” Me, “OK, widget coolness can...