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Using Nikon Wireless Utility with the Nikon D500 on iOS to download NEFs to iOS

As most Nikon D500 users are aware, one of the “features” of the camera is “SnapBridge”, Nikon’s attempt to do something useful with wireless and smartphone connectivity. The iOS app is pretty awful. The connection dance for bluetooth and then the silly switch to wireless for remote photography and image download. Admittedly part of that connection dance is the fault of iOS which restricts apps from interfacing with core device settings directly. The whole thing is just painful, slow and a battery killer. I attempted to use it to download and share one image at an air show recently. Not...

Shooting Roland Garros

After recently posting a bunch of “picks” from our recent trip to Roland Garros on Facebook and Flickr I have been inundated with questions and comments regarding how I achieved these results. These have come both from close friends and acquaintances along with random SharePoint people, it seems photography is much more interesting than SharePoint (duh! obviously). Incredibly even other tennis photographers have shown interest, sadly at this point no pro player reps have been in touch (go figure!). Folks have said, “you should blog that stuff”. So here are the details for those interested, my tips and...