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September 2007 Blog Posts

U know U want some.

http://geekswithblogs.net/coredump/archive/2007/09/26/115656.aspx Intellisense for PowerShell. Wubba!

Go subscribe to Ted's blog. NOW!

Ted Pattison is blogging again. You may remember Ted - simply the man in the old world of VB COM, MTS, COM+ distributed app and just plain sense application development (I'm pretty sure he never touched VB6's WebClasses :)). He wrote books that clearly articulated MTS - even to VB types :) He is really an exceptionally articulate man. Ted was somewhat of a role model if you like WRT his training and writing. Not only were his books on the money technically - he could actually write - compelling - with a strong story to tell - and with proper English...

Newcastle VBUG/SUGUK Meeting presentation materials

Here (finally) are the materials from my presentations at the VBUG/SUGUK meeting in Newcastle on the 10th September. Thanks very much for all that attended what was a great session with lots of interesting discussions and feedback. For the first session, Office SharePoint Server Farm Architecture & Design Fundamentals, the slide deck itself is not of much use as it was purely to support the discussion of Server Roles, Design Goals and Farm Topology design. Nevertheless here they are. For the second session, which appeared to generate much interest, 10 Essential SharePoint Developer Tips, I've modified the slide deck to include links...

Yup, we're doing a SharePoint WCM book!

As you've probably already seen (Amazon and Stefan let the cat out of the bag) I'm working on a SharePoint WCM book with my buddy and fellow WCM head, Andrew Connell. The book will be all about developing Publishing sites with MOSS. It's a developer book. It will be published by WROX. The response to this news has been numerous questions, so we decided to post some early clarification. We deliberately kept this under wraps, not because it's any big secret but because we are still writing it (!)and many things (such as the title and the content) may change....