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Subtext, finally!

Print | posted on Sunday, October 29, 2006 8:14 PM

I finally managed to move my blog to Subtext, which I have had running for a while on a private machine. It's kinda sparse at present but hopefully things will get much better.

Apart from wanting a real blog engine, with support for the appropriate functionality, I wanted something that was easy to make look half decent (I believe 'skin' is the new term for it) and worked well with Windows Live Writer (which is awesome).

AC pointed me to Subtext and I put together a skin, which turned out to be a trivial exercise as my previous site was mainly CSS, and allowed some minor improvements. I had some trouble bringing it online due to me being stupid and expecting stuff to work on the slightly newer version than the one I installed on a dev box a month or so ago.

The archive bit is broken as I'm not entirely sure the content justifies the migration effort, I'm mulling over fix vs. skip it. Still I like the setup with Live Writer and a real blog engine which will hopefully enable more frequent posts.