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Web 2.0

Print | posted on Wednesday, November 01, 2006 12:53 AM

I've been making dodgy web apps for other people for twelve years, so all this Web v2 thing is very entertaining...

I can't resist highlighting some recent views, which whilst expressed differently are basically the same argument.

First up is Kev, who tells it like it is:

"some wanky 'New Media' types rotated on a colour wheel and decided to round off the corners of tables"

His views embellish Zeldman (another old timer :)) stating the simple truth. I mean let's face it, if "Web 1.0" was badly implemented frames, flash files, single pixel gifs, marquee tags and cheesy midi (oh and that java thing), what hope for v2?

(I do kinda like rounded corners on tables thou :))

The bottom line is the promise of the Web user interface has not been delivered. Is it cool that you got nasty asynchronous' adverts? No. The interface still sucks - it's all about making it easy and natural to get what you need done, done.

Which leads to the Graphical Wonder, Shane, who points out:

"Web 2.0 is about simplicity and empowering users to be more self sufficient by making technology borderline transparent"

Amen to that. Building more usable solutions makes implementation increasingly irrelevant.

Usability matters, buzzword bingo does not.