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FEKG Anniversary

Print | posted on Saturday, December 30, 2006 7:39 AM

www.harbar.net Circa 1995 So it's twelve years since www.harbar.net first went online. Back in the day I was pretty handy with transitions, single pixel GIFs and generally making web pages look pretty (not common then). It's funny how some things come full circle - for example browser compatability was a big issue in the early days of competing vendor HTML tag feature-itus.

To celebrate this purely insignificant 'career' milestone, I've spruced up the site a bit. It could easily be surmised that my web page making talent has slowly but surely dwindled over the years seeing as this revision is a knock off of a much better page. I wouldn't disagree, but would blame this loss of form on consistent exposure to developers over the last decade :).