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Windows Vista, the good, the bad and the downright lame #1.

Print | posted on Monday, January 01, 2007 8:35 PM

The Good: I've long been bemused as to why the Windows "full fat" client didn't have an implementation of multiple clocks. Let's face it for time zone stradlers (or cricket lovers for that matter) this is a must have. Pocket PC had it in like '98 or whatever, and so does your Windows based phone - well I guess that's all the same thing right? Installing some nasty shell addon just for this essential feature was just rubbish, given the general quality of widget software (especially in the UI). Anyways, Vista has finally fixed this with it's "Additional Clocks". Simple, but all the nice stuff is. Note it also has fancy animated clocks when you click the time in the notification area.

The downright lame: Fire up Windows Mail (the name change for Outlook Express) and attempt to add your Hotmail account (or any HTTP based email service). The dialog tells you that HTTP mail is no longer supported and tells you to click 'Back'. Trouble is there is no 'Back' button. What makes this worse is when you click the only clickable button (Cancel) you are prompted with "are you sure you wish to exit the wizard?". I have no choice godangit! What sort of 'wizard' are you?!! How this got through is a mystery. Vista ready for your grandma? I think not quite yet. This is pathetic. Worth noting however that Windows Live Mail Desktop is a damn decent replacement for Windows Mail - worth checking out - especially if you use full blown Outlook for your Hotmail and hate it's slowness.