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Five things you don't know about me

Print | posted on Thursday, January 04, 2007 8:05 AM

Oh dear, I've been tagged with this one, so here goes. Hopefully my things won't be completely inane, but no promises...

  1. I have no formal CS training whatsoever.
    In fact I don't even have a degree. There was no opportunity for me to undertake one (and I have no regrets/axe to grind about this). I studied Graphic Design and Photography earning things called HNDs and then got a job using Apple Macs. This worked out extremely well for me in terms of career - it's how I got started in the web page making business a couple years later. I did take a sideline course in programming whilst doing the HNDs which was very basic but good fun. It wouldn't be for another five years or so that I'd do development professionally and it became apparent that a CS degree in the United Kingdom has no vocational use whatsoever. Given my current role and status, often people are very surprised that I have no formal training in my field.
  2. My dream was/is to be a professional cricketer.
    During my youth I played cricket, and I didn't suck. At sixteen, I was taken out for nine months by knee trouble which required multiple operations to 'fix' and that was that dream scotched. Any one who has played the game knows the love, pretty much everybody else don't get it at all!
  3. I'm not Scottish.
    Frequently people assume I am Scottish because I live in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, and speak the lingo (to a degree). This is somewhat bizarre given my accent, which is distinctly not Scottish (and has I've heard a slight Manc twinge although I don't think so!). I am originally from Biggin Hill in Kent, home of the famous International Air Fair.
  4. My first instrument was trumpet.
    Most folk know I am a musician and play various instruments, however my first instrument was the trumpet, and my idol is Miles Davis. It's worth noting that I was pretty terrible on that horn though!
  5. I quite fancy writing a commercial pulp novel.
    During high school I was wrongly accused of plagiarism for a story because "the english is too well formed and mature" or some such rubbish. I recon I'd do a decent job on a legal or action thriller ala Grisham or Baldacci. Hmmmm, trouble is I need an cool idea - oh and some spare time. Fat chance!

Blimey, it was actually quite hard to think of five things (especially things I was willing to write about here :)), so now it's my turn: