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Adobe Acrobat Reader 8 is not evil!

Print | posted on Monday, January 08, 2007 1:53 AM

OMG! Acrobat Reader 8 is actually decent!

Have I turned into a commercial software pimp? ("he's aways been one", I can hear you in the back).

Well no, it's just such a surpise!

Long, long ago (in web years) Acrobat (and the PDF format) was cool. Seriously cool. One of the reasons was the reader didn't suck too much. Once Adobe realised the opportunity however, featuritus took over and years of bloat and spyware ensued. Reader was basically evil, real evil - like frames, or marquee tags.

It got so bad that some dude put together a speed up acrobat widget which improved things (an idea Adobe copied, an upside of the product architecture). Then came Foxit, and Acrobat Reader got the boot. Sorry that ad/link for Yahoo! just gotta go.

<Snigger> In the news is a security flaw for Reader 7.x - funny, I thought only Microsoft software has lame code, or have I been misinformed? :) </Snigger>

So seeing as it's new OS and all that, decided to check out the new Reader, and let's face it - that Foxit UI is just, well.... let's just say those dudes don't got the resources of Adobe!

And damn, it's pretty nice, and pretty quick. It even has a nice splash screen. Damn! Acrobat Reader is not evil!

I still used autoruns to kill the spyware update checker and so forth thou...