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PNG transparency in IE6 part 2

Print | posted on Sunday, February 18, 2007 4:12 PM

As I mentioned previoulsy, I went ahead and made my new Subtext skin without testing it on IE6. It wasn't until I browsed the site on a customer machine running IE6 that the horror of its lame support for PNG transparency, coupled with my site design became obvious.

This was my fault, not just for ignoring the testing, but because I (obviously) ripped off the site design and did so from IE7 so didn't catch the detection/fix markup that was present in the original. Duh!

So I did a search and found some "fixes", but none as good as the one that Cubas over at ThinkThanks pointed me to. This fix by Angus Turnbull is pretty sweet. I had to do a little more work to add some dimensions to a couple of IMGs I had been lazy about, and it doesn't resolve the issue with the right hand side nav bar, but the main elements now look as they should in IE6.

As I am no longer a full-time FEKG and my (work) life now revolves around driving concensus, trade-offs and compromises, I'm happy this as an acceptable state of play, especially given that IE6 should hopefully die a much quicker death than previous versions (My Feeburner site stats reports that only 24% of visits are with IE6).

Until the next skin at least, for which I will be much more vigilant...