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SharePoint 2007 as an enterprise application platform

Print | posted on Tuesday, March 06, 2007 10:38 AM

Subscribers to this blog will by now know that in my view the greatest facet of SharePoint 2007 is that it offers a compelling development platform for enterprise applications by providing a rich set of infrastructure plumbing, provisioning capabilities and an application framework which embraces and extends ASP.NET.

However that's all very nice coming from me, a certifiable SharePoint Kinda Guy. It's much better when those with a lot less exposure to the technology "get it". Jose Barreto, a Systems Architect, has seen the light and posted a great argument for SharePoint as an application platform.

I have been spending some time on the idea of using SharePoint as an application hosting platform, as opposed to using regular ASP.NET applications. Some solutions are a great fit for this, others are not. My main goal is to describe some pros and cons, in order to help make the decision between the two frameworks. Please note that, although I have invested some time on looking into this, this is not an official Microsoft position on the matter, just my personal view.

There are many things that SharePoint provides beyond what you regularly get from an ASP.NET environment (which is already fairly rich). Here's a list

Check it out!

Source: The Case for SharePoint Applications.