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App Pool Recycler Updated (again)

Print | posted on Saturday, April 14, 2007 5:47 PM

Blimey! I hacked out a little utility a week or so back and surprisingly it's turned out to be rather popular. According to my web trends, there's been over 600 downloads of the thing, now obviously I have no idea how many people immediately deleted it, but that's a pretty amazing number.

Four individuals have shown significant interest and requested tweaks or new capabilities directly. In addition, I noticed a fundamental flaw in the the original "design" whereby the app pools were only enumerated on start-up. This was obviously rubbish - should you delete or create app pools either with inetmgr or SharePoint Central Admin, because you'd need to quit and restart App Pool Manager to get at them.

So, here's a new version, which allows "App Pool Refreshes", supports multiple warm up URLs, and removes the dependency on the Warm Up scripts, along with a number of other tweaks.

Application Pool Recycle Utility for SharePoint Developers.