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22 hours battery life... if only

Print | posted on Sunday, June 03, 2007 3:09 PM

After various comedy attempts to acquire a extended life battery for my stonkingly good VAIO SZ4 laptop, I had to resort to Sony Style despite being told a couple times by 16 year old store assistants, "Sony doesn't have any in stock". Anyway, I finally got one, and it's bloody good, it has a riser effect which makes the keyboard better and now I can get around 7-8 hours of battery. It also fits in the cheaper of the two slipcases which is great for shows etc. The only downside is the increase in weight - with this battery weighing pretty much the same as the laptop itself.

After it's initial charge I unplugged the AC and checked out Vista's utility to see what it makes of it:


22 Hours and a little bit! Perhaps the battery remaining code is shared with the local file copy remaining code :). It didn't take long to sort itself out and get realistic, but damn what I wouldn't give for that type of battery!!  Worth noting the battery remaining is pretty clever over extended periods, changing based upon how you are using the machine.