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Application Pool Recycle Utility: Small Update and Roadmap

Print | posted on Friday, August 10, 2007 4:06 PM

I decided to release a minor update to the popular Application Pool Recycle Utility based on a number of requests to display the Process ID. It now does this using a tool tip via WMI.
Click here to get the latest version.

There were a number of new features originally planned for this release, such as Warm Up associations and a CLI with arguments for use in Post Build tasks. However based on some initial work and a frustration with the management APIs, I've decided to re-consider the future development of the tool.


In a nutshell the multitude of IIS management interfaces for IIS6 causes way to many headaches. Not things that prevent functionality, but things that make it hard to deliver factored quality - which is one of the reasons Microsoft ship VBS files for this sorta stuff.

I've been deep in Longhorn's IIS7 for quite some time now, and as you probably know the management interfaces and mechanisms now provided address these type of headaches. There is a downside though. as installing IIS6 management compatibility doesn't give you anything over and above what's there in real IIS6 (obviously!). In fact it takes some of it away.

So going forward, starting with the 2.0 release, there will be two streams:

  1. APM for IIS6.
    As it is today but targeting IIS6 only, with possible addition of new features but which will likely tail off after a couple releases.
  2. APM for IIS7.
    Same core functionality with many more opportunities - implemented using the new managed interfaces. For IIS7 only.

Before this change, there will be a release which includes the ability to "hide" certain app pools from the context menu, the #1 requested enhancement.