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Dustin Miller Kicks ASS!

Print | posted on Wednesday, August 15, 2007 5:10 PM

Dustin, a fellow SharePoint dude, and impresario of SharePoint Experts, is an excellent presenter.

I know all about the sleep inducing nature of some TechEd sessions (some even when you're working the show) but this is not one of them.

Not only are his presentation skills excellent - with a strong, clear and articulate voice to prevent you from nodding off, he can actually use his computer. For real! So there's no mishaps during the demos and what not to make you cringe or otherwise search for rotten fruit.

"But wait, there's more"...

Imagine if you will a list of the most popular TechEd sessions. You're thinking Steve Riley with the DMZ is dead, or perhaps some gory details on SQL Indexing and Snapshot Mirroring from Kim Tripp right? (both excellent presenters BTW).

But no, Dustin's session (which was one of the top rated sessions) is on SharePoint Designer. Yup really. SharePoint Designer rocks, and Dustin shows you why and how. It's really rather good. If you are a developer who's boss is telling to build SharePoint stuff you gotta check this out. No code solutions baby. You know you want some.

Dustin also takes time to answer a plethora of questions - properly, he actually answers them you dig? - with only one ambiguous answer. You can also hear the dulcet tones of Andrew Connell towards the end.

So, basically what I'm saying is that Dustin Miller KICKS ASS! What the hell are you doing reading this inane drivel, go check out the webcast at:

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