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MacBook Pro Tidbits

Print | posted on Sunday, April 27, 2008 1:02 AM

I note that Vista 64 bit drivers and BootCamp 2.1 appear on the latest MacBook Pro install disk one and the release to web a couple days ago (also via Apple Software Update). This is great news!!!. This avoids the somewhat troublesome approach using the MacPro drivers and a couple of workarounds. In addition the annoying soundcard/wireless conflict which results in very annoying white noise on Vista has gone! W00t!

These newer MacBook Pros of course have multitouch (bah humbug - although zoom is pretty cool) and re-arranged function keys.

It's not all good news though as the whopping 170Mb update for VMWare Fusion (1.1.2) still doesn't include support for a 64 bit bootcamp partition and the activation problems remain. This is a real shame and needs fixed pretty soon - like in the next proper release. There's lots of folks complaining about this and for me it stops me really using Vista in Fusion and therefore I'm spending less time in MacOS and Fusion as a result.

Of course support for only one Snapshot really let's Fusion down being able to use a single VM on both Vista and MacOS (using FAT32 and virtual hard disks split across 2Gb files) is excellent, but one snapshot is just not enough.

Still no joy on getting my aircard to work in MacOS either. This is not really a software problem but more of a problem with my idiot service provider. If they don't get it together soon I will switch to another provider.

Anyways, with this 2.1 BootCamp release I'm pretty sure I'll do the triple boot thing - the 200Gb disk being the problem then!!

MacBook Pro is close to being the perfect laptop - when Apple actually get their new one together lets hope it has proper TPM support, a fingerprint reader, a bigger disk option and support for 8Gb. Then I might be happy!!