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Leveraging the platform - Caching in SharePoint WCM scenarios

Print | posted on Sunday, May 25, 2008 5:44 AM

Late Friday afternoon/evening I had an interesting call with a customer who was experiencing severe perceived poor performance on their SharePoint 2007 WCM application. The problem was resolved simply by implementing OOTB functionality - namely Caching, in particular the disk-based caching, and they agreed it was appropriate to post here.

Basically the site is a regular Publishing site albeit used for the most part internally. The site does feature however a significant amount of "binary content" which is linked to from the pages. It had been running fine for quite a while, but not in volume. They hadn't planned for or configured the caching elements available in Site Collection Settings or the Blob cache element in web.config. Luckily the boxes had new disks ready to go, and once configured and then tweaked a bit, everything was hunky dory.

So no big thing, but it does demonstrate that it is very easy to overlook simple capabilities in a complex product. I urge you as always to consider the entire solution space. Check out more information on the caching capabilities in MOSS from Kai Lee.