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Windows 7 on MacBook Pro

Print | posted on Friday, October 31, 2008 7:12 PM

During the PDC a number of folk asked me about running Windows 7 on the Mac - using BootCamp as per my Triple Boot MacBook Pro article series. I was always planning on giving it a shot as soon as I got "the goods". Whilst it might seem really obvious, the real question is:

do the bootcamp drivers for all the stuff (right click for example :)) work on Windows 7?

I can confirm that indeed they do - or at least appear to - I've done this on my 17" MBP which is the generation before the recent latest rev, using the CD of drivers which shipped with the laptop and of course the veritable legion of software updates. I haven't tested all the goodies yet - but mouse, keyboard, boot camp control panel, sound, graphics, wireless, bluetooth and the silly backlit keyboard are all fine and dandy. I will be doing the same with Windows 2008 R2 next week and don't expect any issues there either (apart from bluetooth of course).

So, the MacBook, still IMO the best Windows laptop on the planet, is also now the best Windows 7 laptop on the planet. Go have at it. :)