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Platform Hygiene: Get your SharePoint updated. Now!

Print | posted on Monday, December 08, 2008 4:52 PM

By now you should definitely have your nuggin’ around SharePoint updates, and be on a decent build. A decent build like the Infrastructure Updates, or better yet the October Cumulative Updates. Of course there are some more coming in a couple weeks. Keep up to date with my Post SP1 hot fixes article here.

The trouble is lots of folk don’t bother and are still running RTM. Oh dear! However this is understandable, a lot of customers are running quite happily (don’t laugh, there are some, really!!) and don’t like the idea of installing patches and (shudder) bouncing boxes.

Trouble is, if you are still running RTM on January 13th 2009 (not long from now) you won’t get any support from the vendor. So don’t act like you didn’t know and go get your boxes sorted out. Maybe use the xmas holibags to do it but be wary of those xmas change “freezes”. :)

Microsoft Support Lifecycle for their products

After January 13th, 2009 support can only be provided for systems which have SP1 installed!