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Sony eBook Library 2.5 now installs on x64!!!!! :)

Print | posted on Friday, December 12, 2008 1:29 AM

I am happy!

The excellent Sony Reader comes with a bit of software – the eBook Library – think of it like iTunes for books. It’s nowhere near as evil as iTunes, but not exactly the greatest bit of software ever built. Anyways it let’s you buy books from Sony and stick them on the Reader. Note you don’t need this – there are two other programs for transferring books. However if you wish to purchase books from Sony (which I do) then you need it.

Trouble is previous versions didn’t install on x64. Yet another example of idiot vendors not having it together. Like many other things there was a workaround to get it working. The trouble with that was every time a new release came out you had to faff about.

But today I notice Sony have shipped v2.5 of the eBook Library. And it works! :) No hacks, no unpacking installers. It just installs. I’m *amazed* they got this sorted. Really! Such a simple thing, but it’s been outstanding for so long. Nice one Sony. About time thou!