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The best SharePoint Conference ever is back, with a vengeance!

Print | posted on Tuesday, February 09, 2010 3:38 AM

No disrespect to the SharePoint Team at Microsoft. They put on a *great* show. But well, ya know, it’s an official Microsoft conference, and some things are just done better by the community. Last year in April I flew into London exhausted after a crazy six weeks in Redmond for the SharePoint Best Practices Conference. Despite really needing a months holiday, it was simply the best conference experience I’ve had in over 15 years. A *great* show, great content, great people, great organisation and great fun. By a country mile, the best SharePoint related conference ever.

And it’s back, with a vengeance! Renamed the SharePoint 2010 Evolution Conference (there are no best practices for an unreleased product you dig?). The same venue, the same crew organising. The only real question is will it beat last year? It has it’s work cut out, but with 6 tracks running with 75 sessions and over 65 speakers from all over the world. The speaker list is just mind blowing! And the content has been carefully selected, this is not a level 200 marketing event, it’s the real deal.

This year I’m cutting back my conference speaking schedule but this show is too good to ignore. I have the honour of presenting three sessions at the show:


Multi Tenancy in SharePoint 2010

Brand new content for SharePoint 2010 Evolution! SharePoint 2010 delivers compelling new infrastructure features for those wishing to host multiple customers on a shared platform whilst retaining confidentiality, integrity and availability. This session will cover how multi-tenancy can benefit all sizes of deployment from a basic farm to the largest such as SharePoint Online. Learn how to approach the design of a multi-tenant deployment and to configure and operate multi-tenant infrastructure, create Member Sites, Subscriptions, Feature Packs, and Service Application Partitions. Related features such as Host Named Site Collections and Claims Identity will also be covered. This session will be split 50/50 between lecture and demonstrations.


Claims Based Authentication in SharePoint 2010

Brand new content for SharePoint 2010 Evolution! This session covers the new Claims Based Authentication support in SharePoint 2010. Whilst coverage of the Claims Based Identity infrastructure will be included, the focus is primarily on Authentication (User Sign In). Learn about the key components for leveraging Claims Based Authentication, the various shapes and sizes of Claims Providers and their required configuration. See the new Forms Based Authentication and Multi Authentication Mode in action. Learn how to design your Authentication approach and there could even be a Kerberos related surprise included! This session will be split 65/35 between lecture and demonstrations.

Note this is not a rehash of my previous Claims Based Identity sessions.


Implementing Multilingual Solutions with SharePoint 2010

Brand new content for SharePoint 2010 Evolution! Multilingual solutions present significant design and implementation challenges for SharePoint practitioners both on the Intranet and the Internet and thankfully SharePoint 2010 delivers some significant improvements in this space. See the new Multilingual User Interface (MUI) feature in action across SharePoint Sites and Metadata. Learn how to approach designing support for content translation within SharePoint Server. The improvements to the core Variations engine and the new end user focused features will be covered along with design guidance and advice for supplementing Variations with custom code. This session will be split 60/40 between demonstrations and lecture.

Note this is not a rehash of my previous Multilingual or Variations sessions.



I’ll also be at the IT Pro Ask the Experts session MC’d by Bob Fox on the last afternoon.

There will also be a few surprises, which of course I can’t tell you about now!

If you work with SharePoint and are in Europe, you simply must attend this show. But hurry up, space is filling up rapidly and it will soon be sold out. Register now!