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Article: Rational Guide to Multi Tenancy with SharePoint 2010, Part Two: Planning your Deployment

Print | posted on Wednesday, June 09, 2010 7:26 PM

In the first part of my Rational Guide to Multi Tenancy with SharePoint 2010 article, I walked through the problem space and discussed the features of SharePoint 2010 that enable multi tenant environments. This can be seen as the “overview” (or perhaps “marketing” :)). As promised this is part two, the idea of which is to walk through how to set it all up along with some general recommendations.

Now, as much as I wanted to post this as a single article, it’s just too big. There’s too much to discuss and there’s way too much script. I’m not a fan of downloadable documents for this stuff. I am now doing this as a longer series of articles. Hopefully this makes it more easily consumable.

The articles are (links will be added as they come on line):

  1. Feature and Capability Overview
  2. Planning your Deployment
  3. Example Scenario and what Multi Tenancy brings to the party
  4. Configuring the base Infrastructure
  5. Configuring Partitioned Service Applications
  6. Provisioning Tenants
  7. Testing the Functionality