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SharePoint Best Practices Conference, Washington DC, August 24-27

Print | posted on Sunday, August 08, 2010 8:11 PM

I’m honoured once again to be speaking at the Best Practices Conference, which is taking place in Washington D.C. August 24th thru 27th. The Best Practices Conference is easily the best non Microsoft SharePoint event, and the speaker line up is excellent. If you are implementing SharePoint 2010, you don’t want to miss this show.

This year, I’m leading up the Keynote: What the Masters think About SharePoint 2010, which will feature five fellow MCMs all of whom do not work for Microsoft.

I will also be presenting the following breakouts, all with updated new content specifically for this conference:

Multi Tenancy in SharePoint 2010
SharePoint 2010 delivers compelling new infrastructure features for those wishing to host multiple customers on a shared platform whilst retaining confidentiality, integrity and availability. This session will cover how multi-tenancy can benefit all sizes of deployment from a basic farm to the largest such as SharePoint Online. Learn how to approach the design of a multi-tenant deployment and to configure and operate multi-tenant infrastructure, create Member Sites, Subscriptions, Feature Packs, and Service Application Partitions. Related features such as Host Named Site Collections and Claims Identity will also be covered. This session will be split 50/50 between lecture and demonstrations.

Implementing Multilingual Solutions with SharePoint 2010
Multilingual solutions present significant design and implementation challenges for SharePoint practitioners both on the Intranet and the Internet and thankfully SharePoint 2010 delivers some significant improvements in this space. See the new Multilingual User Interface (MUI) feature in action across SharePoint Sites and Metadata. Learn how to approach designing support for content translation within SharePoint Server. The improvements to the core Variations engine and the new end user focused features will be covered along with design guidance and advice for supplementing Variations with custom code. This session will be split 60/40 between demonstrations and lecture.

Rational Guide to implementing User Profile Synchronization
Get the real deal on configuring User Profile Synchronisation in SharePoint 2010 in this demo and best practices heavy session. This session will cover the architecture of the new User Profile Synchronization capability in SharePoint Server 2010 and provide a walkthrough of the configuration requirements and setup eccentricities. This session will be split 70/30 between demonstrations and lecture.


I will also be at the Architecture Ask the Experts session.

It promises to be a lot of fun, I am looking forward to the trip to D.C. and catching up with some old friends and hopefully meeting new ones. You can register for the conference here.