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Rational Guide to Multi Tenancy with SharePoint 2010, Part Six: Provisioning Tenants

Print | posted on Tuesday, September 14, 2010 1:22 PM

This, the sixth part of the Rational Guide article on multi tenancy, will walk through the creation of feature packs and the provisioning of Tenants for the sample scenario detailed in part three.

Provisioning Tenants

If you haven’t checked out the previous parts, I strongly encourage you to review them. I won’t repeat information and I assume you have read the previous parts, which are:

  1. Feature and Capability Overview
  2. Planning your Deployment
  3. Example Scenario and what Multi Tenancy brings to the party
  4. Configuring the base Infrastructure
  5. Creating Partitioned Service Applications
  6. Provisioning Tenants (this article)
  7. Testing the Functionality and other considerations

IMPORTANT: You must have run the scripts in the order presented in this series. If you haven’t run the scripts in part four, you should go do that before proceeding!

So far in the article series we have configured the core infrastructure and created service applications in partitioned mode. Whilst there are a few nuances to those steps which are critical to success, there is nothing clever going on so far, and we have zero functionality. Now we look at the really interesting part of the deployment, actually provisioning tenants and setting up the service applications to work with them.

Provisioning Tenants