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Article: “Stuck on Starting”: Common Issues with SharePoint Server 2010 User Profile Synchronization

Print | posted on Monday, September 20, 2010 5:31 PM

Back about a week after RTM of SharePoint 2010 I published my Rational Guide to implementing SharePoint Server 2010 User Profile Synchronization. This was actually written up long before RTM and was doing the rounds among a circle of SharePoint “insiders”. I then tweaked it for RTM and pushed it out immediately after the SharePoint Evolutions Conference, where I had demoed live the steps.

Amazingly, this article has already been viewed over 260,000 times! An incredible response. Of course the Microsoft documentation in this area is weak at present, and UPS is what you could call a “rough edge” of SharePoint 2010. But even so this is an amazing number. Furthermore the amount of time I spend helping others with UPS related problems as a result has inspired this follow up article which will cover the most common issues people experience.

I cannot stress how important it is to follow the procedure in the Rational Guide. If you haven’t, go there first!