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A quick note on User Profile Synchronization in SharePoint Server 2013 Preview

Print | posted on Tuesday, July 24, 2012 10:26 AM

I will be posting an update to my UPS guide for SharePoint Server 2013 Preview in the near future. I had long planned to update it with better writing and more up to date details anyway. However as I’ve already received a bucket load of questions on this already I wanted to post a quick note to hopefully stem the flow a little bit.

When I say UPS, I mean the User Profile Synchronization service instance. The wrapper for FIM along with it’s configuration UI in Central Administration (which is part of the UPA). This is distinct from the brand new shiny Active Directory Import mode, I blogged about yesterday.

As far as setup and configuration is concerned there is absolutely no difference whatsoever between UPS in SharePoint Server 2013 Preview and SharePoint Server 2010. Everything works the same way. All the same setup requirements apply. All the same configuration aspects apply.

Indeed the build of FIM included in the Preview release of SharePoint Server 2013 Preview is 4250.47, the very same build that first appeared in the SharePoint Server 2010 February 2012 CU. All of the exceptional work done to improve the UPS is naturally carried over to SharePoint Server 2013 Preview.

As such all previous guidance stands, the only tangible difference is that the UI looks different. Remember that this is a preview release (what used to be called a beta) so things may change in the future.

As far as operations are concerned, what has changed is the Management Agent Run Configuration for both the AD Management Agent and the SharePoint Management Agent, and the implementation of the SharePoint management agent itself. The net result here is fewer runs and faster sync times for Full Sync. And faster sync times for Incremental Sync. Here’s a full sync performed immediately after the UPS was provisioned (the first three runs) and then a Incremental:


There are no additional PowerShell cmdlets for working with UPS in the Preview. The *.SPProfileSyncConnection cmdlets remain entirely unsupported for automating the creation of Sync Connections, or their Filters.

In a nutshell, it’s as you were folks, nothing to see here.