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Seventh edition of the free DIWUG SharePoint Magazine

Print | posted on Thursday, August 23, 2012 12:54 PM

The best free SharePoint magazine published online, the DIWUG SharePoint e-Magazine, have released their seventh edition. As usual this is a great edition with a mix of articles written by SharePoint community members.

I contributed a two part article series, of which part two is featured in this magazine:

Real World Service Application federation with SharePoint 2010 Part Two
In the 6th edition of DIWUG eMagazine (#6) Part One of this article covered the basic capability of Service Application Federation along with the required configuration. Following on from part one, this article turns its attention to high availability, security, enterprise deployment considerations and the design constraints which are fundamental to successful implementation of Service Application Federation.

Whilst the article is focused on SharePoint 2010, almost all of the content is also applicable to SharePoint 2013. Also in this edition are articles by Ton Stegeman, Bert Jan van der Steeg and Joe Capka.

Check it out over at the DIWUG site!