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The best cloud app, ever, by a country mile

Print | posted on Sunday, September 02, 2012 10:58 AM

I’m always being asked about tools. Tools to help me cheat, tools to help me be quicker, tools to avoid the need for thinking. Tools that make a SharePoint person’s life better. That sorta thing. Often times tools I will mention have nothing to do with SharePoint, but are simply what I consider to be core elements of operating a Windows based infrastructure.

One set of those tools are the Sysinternals utilities from Microsoft. Since day dot of my life as a Windows NT monkey, I’ve used these. Every box has them. I was using Windows Live Mesh to make sure I had them on all my client machines, and they are baked into my sysprepped server images. But what about when Mark or someone else comes along and updates one of them? 

Well my buddy and fellow MCA, Wictor Willén put down his Visio and PowerPoint for the weekend and has created the answer. What is easily, by far and away the most useful “cloud” app ever created (at least so far!).

It’s a little system notification tray app, which will automagically sync the Sysinternals distribution with a folder on your hard disk. I’ve set mine to sync with a folder in SkyDrive. So I only really need to run it one machine.


Ahh, it’s a thing of beauty. Wouldn’t it be nice if SkyDrive has this sort of capability baked in? For example, “subscribe to Sysinternals”.

Get the app here.

Word! That’s how a real architect rolls! :)