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Online Workshop: SharePoint Advanced Infrastructure: Distributed Cache

Print | posted on Wednesday, February 19, 2014 10:26 AM

Audience: SharePoint Administrators, Infrastructure Architects and Support Professionals.

The esteemed Microsoft Certified Master certification is no longer obtainable... but you can still get master-class mentoring through our collection of Advanced Workshops. Delivered by one of the world's foremost SharePoint authorities, this workshop is a rare opportunity to learn from a recognised master in the field.

This module provides 360 coverage of Distributed Cache, the new foundational and pre-requisite service instance in SharePoint 2013 which is an implementation of Windows Server AppFabric Caching, and provides in memory caching across a farm.

Understand the background of this service, its architecture and usage within SharePoint 2013 along with design constraints and acceptable usage scenarios. Get to grips with the topology trade-offs for implementation, including the vendor guidance and practical reality from real world deployments. Core configuration and administration practices will be covered, along with how to managing updates. This module will also delve into troubleshooting a misbehaving and/or broken cache instance.

Clearing up some of the myths and out-dated information on a key service which commonly causes confusion and operational headaches, this module delivers all-up, “level 400” material for the SharePoint administrator, Infrastructure Architect or support professional.

Sign up over at http://www.combined-knowledge.com/Webinars/advanced_inf_workshop.html