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Trible Boot MacBook Pro: Additional Tips and Tricks

Print | posted on Tuesday, May 06, 2008 2:14 AM

This article is part five in a series, read the introduction here.

We are done! Our machine is now configured as a “triple boot” and starts up into Windows Vista by default. Basically we have a regular dual boot Windows system alongside our Mac OS. To load Mac OS we can simply hold the ALT/OPTION key during boot and select Macintosh HD, just like we would do with a regular Boot Camp system.


We can modify the Windows start up pause (which displays the Windows Boot Manager) by running MSCONFIG.EXE from Vista or Windows Server 2008, clicking the Boot tab and modifying the Timeout value. If you check the No GUI boot option you will get a slightly nicer screen while Windows Vista boots.

We can also save some more space on our Windows 2008 partition by turning off hibernate (run the following command within an elevated command prompt: powercfg.exe /hibernate off)

Beware that the Boot Configuration is stored on the Windows Vista partition. So when looking at backup/restore and or imaging solutions you may need to manually re-create this data using MSCONFIG or a third party BCD editor.

You will likely need to manually turn on the Windows Aero Appearance Settings under Windows Vista.

Make sure you download and install all software updates for your three partitions and keep them up to date over time.

Don’t forget that the Boot Camp Assistant in Mac OS is rendered useless by this approach – running it can’t harm things however.

Enjoy your triple-boot Mac!