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Article: Workflow Manager Farms for SharePoint 2013 Part One: Core Concepts, High Availability, Certificate and SharePoint considerations

Print | posted on Friday, July 26, 2013 6:07 AM

There’s not a lot of high quality documentation for Workflow Manager 1.0. What exists is generally accurate, however it’s the key missing information and lack of detail which presents challenges in the field. During the initial content development work for the MCSM: SharePoint it became clear there is a very large gap with respect to actually implementing the high level deployment guidance provided by the vendor. Following recent discussions in the MCSM: SharePoint community more generally, the topic again raised its head and led to the publication of this article.

This guide is an attempt to help address that gap. The objective is not to cover background conceptual or architectural aspects of Workflow Manager or Service Bus specifically, as these are well covered already elsewhere. Rather the objective is to provide clear and accurate explanation along with repeatable deployment and configuration details for common scenarios faced by the SharePoint practitioner.

This article will focus on the deployment and configuration of a highly available, SSL, Workflow Manager Farm for use with SharePoint 2013. In most test and lab environments a single server Workflow Manager farm is deployed and is sufficient. Pretty much everything you will find will talk to this scenario with scant mention of doing it “properly in production”.

This article is in four parts, due to its length, and also to avoid switching between exposition and configuration:

  1. Core Concepts, High Availability, Certificate and SharePoint considerations
  2. End to End Configuration using auto generated certificates and NLB
  3. Switching an existing farm to use Domain CA issued certificates
  4. End to End Configuration using Domain CA issued certificates

For those comfortable with the technology this first part will be enough. The other two parts will include lots of nice Windows PowerShell, and some not so nice Windows PowerShell!